I started making video games on an Amstrad computer back in primary school. A big part of my childhood has been devoted to creative projects. Making video games and board games has always been among my favourite activities. This hobby followed me during all my studies. While in postgraduate, I gathered a team to work on an ambitious real-time strategy game project.

However, after my studies, I focused on other subjects. I started an IT consulting company and finally got hired by my biggest client: WeYield, a startup that makes a software platform for car rental companies. I like the innovation spirit and the team. I still work there.

My passion for games never disappeared, but I wasn’t creating games anymore until the beginning of 2018. It was in my 31st year. I figured something out while I was making my new year’s resolutions: I still wanted to make games. Since then, I’m creating games on my free time, when I’m not at work or taking care of my wife and my lovely daughter.